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Alpha 1.4 Changelog:

[Gameplay & Mechanics]
-The player now starts the game with a pocket pistol
-All bookshelves can now be investigated and contain unique dialogue
-Added a damage multiplier for stealth attacks on unaware enemies
-New weapon: Crossbow
The perfect tool for those who prefer the stealthy approach.
-Increased maximum sanity to 150 (up from 100)
-Made changes to sanity messages
-New sanity effect: Shadowbeast
-New enemy sub-class: Wild Dog B
-Alcohol now affects weapon reload speed drastically
-Lowered the Doctor's prices
-Removed the hotkey for healing (Most players healed from the inventory anyway, and the hotkey was only ever pressed by accident.)
-Adjusted the rat's turning to be more erratic
-Ghouls no longer look around while idle
-Introduced a new semi-procedural puzzle to an area near the end of the game.
-Switched the places of 'Suitcase Tag' and 'Small note' to avoid confusion
-Updated some item descriptions
-Certain descriptions will change depending on the player's sanity
-Opening the envelope now shows a dialog box
-Moved invisible borders closer to the edge of the map
-The character will now comment on some invisible borders.
-The sounds of taking damage and walking (with shift) are now lower
-Changed intro skip button from enter to escape
-Made changes to the ending screen
-Some general changes around the map
BUGFIX: Shadows didn't load properly when continuing saved game
BUGFIX: Fatal error due to missing legs after being blown up

[Visual Changes]
-Updated graphics for almost all items, objects, enemies, and NPCs
-Added various details and subtle visual effects
-Trees now have a super fancy 3D effect
-You can no longer see behind closed doors (most of the time)
-The rest of the screen gets slightly dimmed down when the inventory is open
-Added more decor objects, some of which can be examined
-Added a crow near the Guardhouse
-Revamped the main menu a bit
-Gave the forcefield a vanishing animation and sound
-Gave the rat a new look and animations
-Ghouls now have idle animations
-The Sorcerer has a new casting animation
-Most enemies now have multiple death poses

More information

Published172 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagscthulhu, lovecraft, Survival Horror
Player countSingleplayer


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